2 WAYS TIRAMISU VS Calcaterra & Maryling

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Two new ways and a new lighter recipe of one of the most classical desserts in our tradition, especially in Italy! Tiramisu! Literally bring me up, a name that well represent the feelings when with an only taste of it your day will change in better! This recipe is a revisited  version without eggs and additional fats so it’0s lighter and with less calories. You can eat it without feeling in fault or obsessed by your diet! It’s a super healthy way to allow a little pleasure during a break or on weekends! You will only use ricotta cheese, homemade breadsticks, dark chocolate, cinnamon and a bit of brown sugar. The curious thing is that you can play even with the presentation: why don’t you prepare it in wine glasses? It’ll be a nice new way to present it if you need an easy but impressive dessert when you have someone at home or keep it in fridge “ready to be eat” in glass jars! jars are always a fresh and young  solution for revisited classic recipes with a fresh approach! I love using them!

As we are speaking of new concepts the best match we can do with fashion is choosing an emergent designer such as Calcaterra that totally has a new, minimal, young approach to lines and shapes… it’s a kind of the same process with food: classical garments revisited into new trends!

…finally I’ve learned this recipe from the fab book of Clara e Gigi Padovani called TIRAMISU (here the link)! I totally suggest you as a curious way to learn all about the recipes and the history behind this delicious dessert!



Here below the directions:

400 gr ricotta cheese

200 gr mascarpone cheese

2 tbs cinnamon

8 Savoiardi biscuits (homemade or you can buy them from a bakery)

2 dl Vermouth

200 gr gianduia chocolate in drops

40 gr brown icing sugar


If you want to try home made Savoiardi:

130 gr flour// 130 gr farina

3 eggs// 3 uova

100 gr sugar// 100 gr zucchero

50 ml honey// 50 ml miele

  1. First of all separate the yolks of the eggs and share in half the sugar//Per cominciare, separate gli albumi dai tuorli e dividete a metà lo zucchero.
  2. In a separate bowl whisk the yolks with the sugar for 5 minutes and after add the honey and continue to blend them together for other 3 minutes // Prendete due ciotole e in una montate i tuorli con lo zucchero per 5 minuti, poi aggiungete il miele e continuate a montare per altri 3 minuti.
  3. In a second bowl whisk the remaining whites of the eggs with the other half of sugar until stiff // In un’altra ciotola montate gli albumi con lo zucchero a neve ferma.
  4. Blend the flour with the yolks mix and lightly add the white whipped // Ora incorporate la farina nel composto di tuorli e poi, molto delicatamente, aggiungete gli albumi.
  5.  use a sac a poche to create the shape of the biscuits on a pan with baking paper // Prendete la sac a poche e riempitela con l’impasto ottenuto. Foderate una teglia con carta forno e formate dei bastoncini con la bocchetta grande della sac a poche.
  6. Dust the top of the biscuits with the sugar and then with the icing one. // Spolverizzate la superficie con zucchero granulato e poi zucchero a velo.
  7. Bake in preheated oven at 365°F for 15/20 minutes. // Infornate a 180° per 15/20 minuti: non appena i biscotti si raffreddano diventa più facile staccarli dalla carta forno.





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