Energy Breakfast Bars Vs Adeam SS18

IMG_9909 copiaIMG_9918 copiaThis is a really easy recipe for a breakfast energy bars or for mid morning breaks when you need something healthy to stop starving.

Rich of fibers and seeds you can prepare them with the flavors you prefer. In this version I’ve used amaranto, oats, sunflowers seeds, dried grape, slices of almonds. You can easily bake them and keep for 15 days in a glass vase.

This raw taste is delicious with a cup of almond milk for a break during the day or as your breakfast and it’s matching with the spring summer 2018 collection by Adeam with sand hues and a light touch that reminds the freshness of this combo. A raw taste with a touch of freshness, minimal lines and warm colors for summer breaks and looks!

Y o u   w i l l   o n l y   n e e d // D i   c o s a  a v e t e   b i s o g n o :

Puffed amaranto // amaranto soffiato

Rolled oats // avena in fiocchi

Slices of almonds // lamelle di mandorle

Dry grape // uvetta

1 egg // 1 uovo

60 ml seeds oil // 60 ml olio semi

half tsp baking powder // mezzo cucchiaino lievito

rectangular tray (about 5cm x 24 cm) // una teglia rettangolare di circa 5cm x 20cm

greaseproof paper // carta da forno

3 tbs honey (or more it depends on how much sweet you want them, this dose is a slightly sweet one as then you can add more honey on top at the end) // 3 cucchiai di miele per un risultato on troppo dolce, ovviamente potete aumentare le dosi se preferite una versione più dolce, io preferisco aggiungere altro miele o sciroppo d’acero a fine cottura come topping.


D i r e c t i o n s // P r o c e d i m e n t o

Place the greaseproof paper in the tray and leave all the mix of seeds in preheated oven at 160° for 10 minutes to toast them // Preriscaldate il forno a 160° e rivestite la teglia con della carta forno. Aggiungete il mix di semi e fiocchi e lasciateli 10 minuti in forno per tostarli leggermente

Mix all the other ingredients well together and add the toasted seeds in the batter. Blend well and put it in the tray. Bake for 25 minutes or until they’ll be golden on top // Unire e mescolate bene tutti gli ingredienti per poi aggiungervi i semi tostati e mescolare ulteriormente. Cuocete per 25 minuti circa finchè risulteranno dorati in superficie.

After baking them leave them cool apart and finally slice the bars // A fine cottura lasciar raffreddare e tagliare le barrette.




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