Karkadè Poached Pears Vs 6397 and ATeodoro collections

IMG_9890 copiaIMG_9894 copiaWhen I was looking at spring summer 2018 previews I’ve immediately noticed the predominance of pastel hues especially the ones with pink, light fabrics, see though layers, delicate colors… I’m sure it will be the trend for next summer even if we are still leaving this summer! Anyway it’s a quick preview of what we will wear in a year….and eat too ;) This hues are perfect with the poached pears in karkadè tea… It’s a perfect solution to eat seasonal pears in a different way… poached pears boiled in a spicy mix plus charade and the cooled in the fridge before eating is a delicious addition for your yogurt, smoothies, frozen.. whatever you prefer and they’re really tasty even eaten alone for an healthy breakfast.. I’ve added some spices as anise, clove and a bit of honey or maple syrup if you prefer.




IMG_9872 copiaIMG_9880 copia


I n g r e d i e n t s // I n g r e d i e n t i


2 pears // 2 pere

1 1/2 cups water // 1 cup e mezzo acqua

half organic lemon juice // mezzo succo di limone al naturale

1 tbs honey/agave syrup // 1 cucchiaio di miele o sciroppo d’agave

anise, cloves, pink pepper // anice, chiodi di garofano, pepe rosa

2 tsp karkadè // 2 cucchiaini karkadè


D i r e c t  i o n s // P r o c e d i m e n t o


Boil the pears in all the ingredients for about 15 minutes…them set the pears aside from the juice to cool them before eating. Serve with yogurt, ice-cream, whatever you want and a tbs of their charade boiling juice.


Portare a bollore l’acqua con il carcadè in infusione e le spezie e far cuocere le pere per circa 15 minuti. far raffreddare e servire con un cucchiaio del succo di cottura abbinate a gelato, yogurt oppure da sole.


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